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Gods Gas
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We want to be able to reach especially those people who feel like the traditional Christian activity is unfamiliar to them. Through our club we want to deliver the message that even those unfamiliar with traditional Christian activity are valuable to God and that the church welcomes them as well. All of us are different, and that is only a good thing! There are plenty of tasks for everyone and room for younger and older. The most important is that you stand behind the same values.

We want to be part of the community of other motorcycle clubs and work with them following our own beliefs as Christians and with the skills we have. We are a threat to none and a friend to all.

Even we are a motorcycle club, our group is not limited to motor bikers; we have also people who build old cars, people who are interested in vintage- things, musicians, and in general people who want to take part in Christians where ever gas smells and rock plays.

Our goal is to bring Christians to different events that attract motorbike and old car enthusiasts. We want them to be able to tell about Jesus as their own personalities and with their own style while being part of the event and among the people. We provide an opportunity to combine fun hobby and Christianity. Church in the middle of the town.

Sons of Abraham MCC is a club that doesn’t turn anyone away from their door, but wants operate as a part of motorcycle and charity events, as well as people’s lives with their ups and downs from their principle: “proudly Christian”.

Motorcycle moves to where you look at and the logo of Sons of Abraham depicts what we are trying to look at - no matter if its sunny or if it rains, a good or bad day.